Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 363: Finished frassing

Two more sessions of picking frass, about 45 minutes this morning after the kids got on the school bus and another hour or so this evening.  Then the piece went back on the lathe for some very careful reshaping and a quick sanding.

The last turning session revealed a couple more spots of frass needing removal.  15 more minutes making sure I got everything I possibly could.

Profile view.  The bottom was thinner than I planned (I drilled too deep on the initial pilot hole) so I ended up giving it a bottom that's a cross between pointed and rounded.

Bottom view.  It won't stand up or sit flat, so I'll need to turn a ring for it to sit on. 

I also need to think about how to finish it.  My gut instinct is to leave it as is, completely natural but I'm not sure.

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