Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 358: Room for improvement

Some of you may remember my natural edge piece from back at the end of May.  It was one of my pieces for the 'Natural Edge' challenge which was presented in June.  Tonight I started work on Mark II.

A fellow club member made a suggestion, not for improvement; more like "you know what would be cool?"  First step is to put the piece between centers and turn a tenon on each end.  They aren't use as traditional tenons in a chuck.

The piece is secured on a backer plate with some metal strapping.  The back plate is secured in a chuck, a faceplate would also work.

The twist in this design is that both the top and the bottom of the bowl will be turned from the log section. The ends of the branch will be left intact, connected only by a thin natural edge bowl.

I may still tweak the shape of the bowl and the solid sections on the end. Getting into the tight corners is becoming an issue and is one of the reasons I stopped at this point tonight. 


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