Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 219: Misc.

Finished trio from yesterday.  I don't have a name in mind yet.

Top view, all 3 are Ficus, which is naturally a very light wood in both weight and color.

I came across something that concerns me about this series.  I came across the Winter 2000 issue of American Woodturner Magazine online the other day and this photo with an eerily similar motif jumped out at me.  I'd never seen it before this week and have never heard of Simon Levy.  The only reason I saw the photo is because the American Association of Woodturners recently put online all 25 years of American Woodturner for all current members.  I'm now somewhat concerned that one or more of the contest judges that these pieces are intended for may accuse me of copying or deriving my design from the piece shown here.  Nothing could be further from the truth but I'm still somewhat concerned.
Tonight I turned 2 pieces of the Maple Burl I've been cutting up for the club.  This stuff is amazing, I'm going to be buying more from the club for my own use.

Outisde view of a bowl in progess.

The trio I turned tonight.  The piece shown above is the one on the left in this photo.  The piece on the right was cured from the bowl in the middle.

Closeup view of the middle bowl.  The colored area at the top of the photo is a bit on the soft side but not enough to justify tossing the piece.

Closeup view of the bowl on the right hand side, this has a bit of everything, spalting (color), burl, and curl.

I also started work on a commissioned piece, it's a miniatre urn that I've chosen to make out of Ficus.  I've had to remove the identifying information from the photos in order to post them  The body will be burned to match the lid.

Top view of the lid.  The ribbon in the middle has the customer's last name, the smaller ribbon on the top includes the birth date and the ribbon on the bottom the death date. 

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