Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 202: Tri tri again

I installed a new bandsaw blade this afternoon (the last one was prematurely dulled by a small piece of granite hidden in a piece I was cutting on last week) and ripped the Eucalyptus pieces for my friend.  I don't know how long it's been taking him to rip them in half with a sawzall but it has to be longer than the 30 seconds each that it takes me with a new sawblade.  The cut also has to be much more accurate than anything he's able to do now.

I realized yesterday that I sold both of the 3 sided twisted boxes at the show on Saturday so I don't have a sample to show at my demo in Prescott later this month or for the shows I'm planning to do in April so I started on a couple of them this evening.  I also worked on a couple new (to me) multi axis pendants, this time with the multi axis turning done on the outside. 

Song of the night: Last of the Mohicans soundtrack

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