Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 200: Boyce Thompson

Today was the Boyce Thompson demo and sale, I made several demo pieces and sold about a dozen pieces, which more than exceeded my expectations.  There were 4 club member there total with 3 lathes and a woodburner running most of the day.  Everyone sold something and had a great day so everyone walked away happy. 

The piece on the left was turned in the morning and then burned in the afternoon.  It's the same basic design that I've been playing with lately but the flow is side to side around the piece rather than up and down.

The wood is Eucalyptus and wasn't sanded and doesn't have any finish applied.  I also turned 2 Jacaranda bowls and another small Eucalyptus hollow form that another club member started burning on.  She has a woodburner but has never used it, that's probably going to change now.

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