Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 201: Ironwood

I did a bunch of running around today, including picking up another couple pieces of wood (see below), a side trip to Woodcraft for supplies, and a visit to a self serve car wash to powerwash the dirt and rocks from one of the Ironwood stumps I picked up last week.  After returning home I cut it into sections, there was significantly more rot in the lower sections than I anticipated but there's still a fair amount of very nice wood in there and I still have the other stump left.

A high school buddy of mine wants to try his hand at making a didgeridoo so I cut a couple of Eucalyptus branchs for him.  They taper from 2 1/2" up to about 3" and are approx 44" long.  I also cut a small burl cluster off of the same tree, it can be seen in the upper right corner of this photo.  I think the wood is River Red Gum Eucalyptus but I'm not certain.  I'm planning to rip them in half lenghtwise on my bandsaw before packing and shipping them to him.  He's currntly trying to make them from maple that he's cutting in half with a sawzall.

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