Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 342: Undecided

I wasn't sure what to do tonight.  I thought about turning a pen for myself but didn't really feel like it.  Then I reconsidered and and picked out a kit I haven't made before when I realized that I don't have the correct bushings for the kit.  I found a set of bushings I thought would be close enough to work (something I do not recommended!) but finally decided I wasn't in the mood for pen turning.  Instead I grabbed a roughed out Maple Burl bowl off the shelf and set about getting it finished. 

This is from the Maple Burl the clbu bought back in March,  I roughed out this piece back in March  ( and had it drying inside for a couple of months and then moved it out to the shop for a couple of months.  I got lucky, It didn't move much in the drying process.

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