Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 327: Making lemonade

I started working on the Ironwood hollow form on the left a couple weeks ago and started the hollowing 10 days ago.  Today I decided to complete the hollowing.  What happened next isn't really suprising or very uncommon but it's still frustrating.

While hollowing I cut through the upper portion, meaning my hollow form went from an opening of 1" to an opening closer to 4"  Not what I had in mind when I started working on it. 

Sometimes life gives you lemons, when that happens you make lemonade.  I cleaned up the rough edge, finished hollowing, a much easier job through a much larger opening, and then decided that the rim needed to be dressed up.  I found a suitable piece of Holly and went to work turning a nice rolled rim that would contrast with the deep dark color of the Desert Ironwood.

Bottom of the finished piece.  I wanted it to be usable so the bottom is wider than I'd normally try to do.

Speaking of Ironwood I made a trip today to one of my favorite local retailers for some sandapaper and decided to check their stock of Desert Ironwood cutoffs and blanks.  They're sold by the pound and being so dense Desert Ironwood can get rather pricy.  I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality and the quantity.  My $20 sandpaper purchase ballooned to well over $100 with the addition of a pile of Desert Ironwood pieces along with some other blanks.  Nobody ever said woodturning is cheap. 

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