Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 331: Retired

My order from Grizzly arrived today, a pair of Timberwolf bandsaw blades, a Grizzly brand bandsaw blade, and new bandsaw tires.  The tires on my saw were the original tires and were almost new but they wouldn't stay on the wheels for very long.  I talked with a couple other owners of this saw and they all suggested that I order replacement tires.  The blade on it was also the original blade and was in need of replacement.  It's an odd size at 131 1/2" so I'm unable to get them locally without special ordering them in a custom size.  The new tires went on reasonable easily.  I removed the wheels from the saw and took them into the kitchen so I could boil the tires.  Boiling the tires softens them up and makes them easier to stretch over the wheel.  They shrink back onto the wheels as they cool.

After making a few adjustments I decided to cut up the piece of Desert Ironwood Burl I had left.  It cut like butter with a brand new blade.  I've put most of these up for sale, I bought way too much and need to reduce my stock and replenish my wallet.  I have decided to keep one of them though.  I'm keeping the 5th from the left in this photo.

I also took a slice off of an Oak Burl I have.  Another local turner saw it on my shelf last week and wanted a slab to turn some small lidded boxes.  I was willing to take a slab off for him but didn't want to waste any wood cutting it with my chainsaw and I didn't think I could make a good enough cut on my bandsaw without today's improvements.  It's a beautiful piece of Oak Burl and I think he'll be happy.  I'm even happier that I still have a piece about 9 X 9 X 12 left over and I have a little better idea what's left inside.

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