Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 341: Turn and burn

It was hot in Phoenix today, surprise surprise. 106 was the high and it felt more like 116 with the humidity.  That limited my shop time to 30-45 minute sessions spread throughout the day. 

My morning sessions were dedicated to more burning on the maple hollow forms.  I finished burning the 4 panels on both forms. 

The more I looked at them the more I thought they looked like beach balls, definitely something I wasn't going for.

 My afternoon and evening sessions were spent finishing both pieces.

I'm really happy with this pair.  I intended them to go to Woodcraft but I'm rethinking that now.

It cooled off a bit this evening after a light rain shower came through so I headed back out to the shop for some more turning and burning.  I grabbed a small chunk of what I was told is Teak and turned a small hollow form.  I then burned it with a similar design to the pair above.  I wanted this to simulate wood grain and I think it does to some degree but I think it also looks like a flame motif as well.

I've never turned teak before and I'm not certain this is Teak, even though that's what it was sold to me as.  It seems softer than I thought Teak would be.  It's also not oily at all, which is in every description of Teak I've read.  Either way it turned well and burned well.  I have a few more pieces to use, none very large.

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