Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 320: Early morning

I started the morning off with a little chainsaw work; prepping 2 African Sumac blanks for the lathe.  I wanted to get out to the garage and get some roughing done early, before things get too hot.  It was around 90 when I started at 9 AM, forecast high was to be 107.   I roughed and cored one of the blanks today and plan to do the other one tomorrow morning.  It's temporarily stored in a plastic garbage bag.

Outside roughed and ready to core.  There were some pretty serious cracks coming from the pith so I had to take about 1 1/2" off the top of the blank.  It's taken about 35 minutes to get to this point once it was on the lathe.

Roughed out the biggest bowl and the biggest core removed.  It's 15 1/4" diameter.  The gouge sitting on the bowl is my favorite.  A 1/2" Crown Pro-PM.  I probably use it close to 90% of the time.

Set of 4 roughed out and ready for bagging.  I think this will be a very nice set once they're done but that won't be for at least a year, possibly longer.

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