Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 286: The Possimpible

I wanted to turn a new style of lidded box (new to me anyway) today but most of the wood I have isn't correct for what I want to do.  The box will be different because the joint between the 2 halves won't be straight.  It will follow the curve of the wood grain.  To do this I'll have to cut the blank in half following the grain.  It will also have to be turned side grain rather than end grain.

Turning the recess on one half isn't a problem.  Turning the tenon on the other half is an issue because of the irregular shape of the joint.  It took a couple of tries to figure out what went wrong and what I need to do to fix the issue. 

My 2 tries today that were less than successful.  Both are now in the recycling bin.  Shoestring Acacia on the lef and Cherry on the right.  I'm planning to texture the outside of the box to accent the grain and to help hide the joint.

To solve the turning problem I have to do 2 things.  1)  I need to get a new blade for my bandsaw so I can make the separation between the 2 halves of the box cleaner.  2)  I need to rethink my standard box turning procedure. 

I'm 100% sure my solution will work as I've used it on a lidded box in the past.  Any ideas from anyone else on how to solve this problem?

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