Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 285: Plum crazy

Another piece coming to fruition from my latest sketchbook.  This piece of Ornamental Plum was cut slightly long, mounted between centers, and a tenon turned on each end.  The piece was then mounted on a large backer plate using 2 steel straps, 4 wood screws, and 4 large washers.  The bowl portion was then turned, sanded, and a coat of oil applied.

The tenons were then cut off, the ends sanded smooth, and finished with a coat of oil.

Securing it in this manner allowed me to turn the bowl into the plum branch without using a tenon or anything that would permanently damage the surface.
My original sketch had several smaller bowls along the length.  The more I thought about it the more I thought it might look like were just drilled in with a core box bit.  Turning it like eliminated that appearance but gave it the appearance of just having the recessed area cut out with a saw.  Upon closer inspection you can see that the surface is concave, something that can't be done with a saw.  

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