Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 275: Eccentric jig

They're not pretty but they work.  These are the jigs I'm going to play around with for eccentric turning.  The one with the largest hole is the one I used last night.  The others I made tonight.

The concept for how these work is incredibly simple.  Turn a tenon on one end of the piece that is as close to the size of the jig as possible.  Slightly larger is better than too small.

The tenon is forced into the recess on the jig.  The jig is then gripped in the chuck.

Because of the rounded edge the jig can be angled in the chuck and then regripped to adjust the axis of rotation

 Playing around with just a pen blank tonight in the jig with the smallest hole.  It's not very pleasing to look at but it was fun to make and that's just as important as how it looks.   

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