Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 257: Boyce Thompson

I spent the afternoon volunteering at Boyce Thompson Arboretum, mostly pulling weeds and walking the trails at closing time to make sure everyone was out.  I saw this log in the burn pile when I was out there last week and brought my chainsaw with me in the hopes that I would be able to salvage it with their permission.  Luckily they agreed that I could take this piece so I ripped it in half and then loaded up both halves.  They're 17" across, 23" long, and is a species of Acacia I haven't turned before.

The other half, also 17" X 23".

 While I was pulling weeds I saw some movement on the ground.  I thought it was a beetle or a caterpillar but instead it was a baby hummingbird.  I located another one a few inches away and then quickly located the nest.  It was a very windy day and they had been blown out of the low hanging nest in a palm tree.  Hopefully Mom came back around after we were done, if not they almost certainly would have died on the ground.

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