Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 283: Sketchbook IV

2 quick sketches tonight for natural edge projects I'd like to do but likely won't have time before he next club meeting.  First is a natural edge bowl with the natural edge being on the bottom. The challenge here is to turn the inside of the bowl without damaging the burl points on the underside.  Because I want the under side to remain untouched I can't use a tenon or a faceplate.  I also can't mount it between centers.  I've got an couple of ideas that might work but it will take some creative thinking and a unique approach.

Second is a smal branch piece with several small bowls turned along one side.  Like the piece above I want the rest of the piece untouched.  I'm thinking about securing it to a large backer plate with metal strapping and/or plywood wedges.  I would also use the backer plate to attach counter weights as the piece will be extremely unbalanced as it is moved off center.

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  1. Jason, I did one out of Maple Burl that is very similar to what you are thinking about. I will send you a pic. Don't remember if I ever brought it to the club or not.