Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 231: Outstanding Olive

Welcome facebook friends.  I finally figured out how to link my blog to my facebook profile so that all of my posts here automatically update to facebook profile. 

Tonight I worked on finishing 3 olive bowls.  A pair of natural edge bowls made from 100 year old olive from Central Avenue in Phoenix and a utility bowl from some Olive I got from a friend who got it from California late last year.

 California Olive, Approx 10" X 3 1/2"

This one has a small raised foot to elevate the bowl slightly.  Under the foot is slightly recessed with a curve that matches the outside profile of the bowl.

Side view.  The rim has a slightly rounded profile that slopes to the outside of the bowl.

Central Avenue Olive wood.  This is from trees that were planted along Central Avenue in Phoenix back in 1905.

Both bottoms are rounded, the larger bowl has a slight depression in the bottom so that it can sit on a flat surface.

Profile view - I left the natural edge on both pieces so the dry rough surface contrasts with the finished and polished surfaces inside and out. 

Both pieces will get at least 1 more coat of oil and will be signed and ready for my show on Saturday.

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