Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 228: Fun with Mom and Dad

Today I finally got some shop time with my Mom and and Dad, they're returning to Idaho tomorrow morning and I wanted to make sure we got some turning in before they left town. 

My Mom and I turned these 3 pendants today, the outside 2 are Maple Burl with artificial stones inset.  The one on the middle is Buckeye Burl with black Onyx.

Dad and I turned a small bowl out of Jacaranda, my daughter has since drawn flowers all over the outside of it.  I'll be burning all of the flowers and eventually shipping it to my parents house in Idaho. 

I now have just 1 week to prepare for my next show, the Sunnyslope Art Walk from 5 - 9 PM on Saturday the 10th.   

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