Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 226: Sketchbook

No actual shop time tonight, I spent the day working in the yard with my Mom and Dad, attending a Cub's spring training game, and then working in the yard some more. 

Tonight my Mom and I sat down and did a few sketches.  She has an idea for a hollow form that is cut into rings and then stacked offcenter and glued back together.  She also is thinking about carving a leaf into the piece before it's cut so the segments of the leaf on the different rings don't line up when reassembled. 

She also wants to embed some stone cabachons on the outside of a hollow form that I turned here a while back.  The last sketch on this page is s quick 3 sided box with a twist, I want to do some burning on just one of the 3 faces or possible on both sides of all 3 apexes that form the twist.

Another sketch showing he offset rings.  She's also thinking about possibly setting some stone cabachons on the outside of this piece. 

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