Monday, October 10, 2011

Wild weekend

Saturday evening was biannual Sunnyslope Art Walk. This was my display. Sales were small and slow but constant and at the end of the night added up to a half decent total. I also got a couple of leads to get my work in some shops and to participate in other shows.

I finished and assembled my peppermill Sunday morning. The oil finish really made the color pop. I still have a few pieces of this wood left but I wish I had more.

Here's the bottom view There are 3 parts visible here (plus 2 screws). The adjustment knob that normally goes on the top of the mill is the darker circle in the center. Both parts of the grinding mechanism are the 2 larger circles. The screws don't secure the mechanism, they only prevent the outside part of the mechanism from rotating while in use.

This is the drive shaft. It's secured upside down to the bottom of the knob. The drive plate goes over the square shaft, the end of the shaft is mushroomed over so it is held in place under the drive plate. This also means that I was able to get a 10.5" tall mill out of a 7" kit.

Sunday night I met another turner that had some wood for sale. Among the pile was this piece of Birdseye Maple. It's about 6" diameter and 6' long. It is the center out of a veneer log. It has a huge crack down one side. I'll have to deal with that once I decide what to do with it. For now I'll just stare at it and think of the possibilities.

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