Sunday, October 23, 2011


I didn't know what I wanted to work on tonight and I'm not sure why I chose to work on this piece but I did. This is a chunk of quartersawn curly Ash I got from Mike Mahoney back in July. It sat in my shop for about a month and a half before I roughed it out. It was the bagged for another month and a half leading up to tonight (

Because it had been roughed to about 1/2" thick there wasn't much material left to remove to get it down to final thickness. The piece had warped slightly so it was trued up on the outside before I setup my hollowing rig. Hollowing was done without a laser and because the piece doesn't have any voids determining wall thickness is based mainly on experience and sound. The pitch goes up as the piece gets thinner. Learning to judge the wall thickness by the increasing pitch is something that can only be learned through experience.

Top view. The hole could be slightly smaller and the final weight could be slightly lighter if the bottom was a little thinner but overall I'm pretty happy. It's a relatively plain piece of wood and the simple but elegant form really accentuates the grain and the curl. I don't do much with quartersawn wood and I don't do much with Ash so this was all new to me.

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