Friday, October 14, 2011

Playing favorites

I know I'm usually pretty happy after finishing a piece, in this case I'm ecstatic. This is quite possibly the best piece I've ever done. Not only is the wood gorgeous but the quality of the turning is very nearly as perfect as I can do. Having a gorgeous piece of wood like this certainly helps but the best piece of wood in the world doesn't do you any good if you butcher it in the process.

The collar is a small piece of Desert Ironwood burl. I wanted to dress up the edge and use a contrasting color. The collar isn't permanently attached yet so I may make one out of Ebony and a few other woods to see which I like best.

If I'm being really picky I can pick out a few small flaws and things I would change (mostly on the inside) but overall I am thrilled with how this ended up. I think I have a pretty good idea what is inside a piece before I start turning. In this case I am truly shocked at what I found in this blank.

Bottom view opposite the void. I suspect that the guy who sold me this blank will end up regretting it. He's also a turner and based on what I ended up with he let it go for way less than it's worth.

One more reminder of what I started with. This is upside down to what ended up being the final orientation.

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