Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A bird in the hand

More work on the Birdseye hollow form tonight. Several small chunks broke out around the crack on the end grain near the shoulder. To prevent the crack from opening wider I wrapped the shoulder with painters tape.

The side opposite of the crack. I think it's neat how you can see how the eyes radiate out from the center on the end grain. They're clearly smaller near the center and grow larger toward the larger diameter.

Unfortunately the center was quite rotten and was torn out. As a result I was unable to finish sanding the bottom. I'm thinking about possibly adding a pedestal and finial to this piece to dress it up and to hide the hole in the bottom.

Profile view. This is the best view of the Birdseye figure and the best representation of the overall shape of this piece. It's a little heavier than I'd like and I'm not quite sure why. It's not overly thick in any area (easily checked because of the crack) I suspect the wood is just denser than it looks.

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