Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 135: New Years Eve

I buttoned up the 2nd version of my woodburner this afternoon/evening.  I'm really happy with this one so far, I'm just hoping it doesn't end up burning out like the last one did.  The 10 amp charger from Sears may be headed back to Sears this weekend.

I labeled the dial from 0 to 100, between 50 and 60 seems to work best for the gauge of wire I have at the moment. 

I also had a visitor for the evening.  Jeff is a member of the local woodturners association and found a link to my blog on their website.  We stood around and talked for a bit before getting down to business.  He's relatively new to turning, < 1 year, but seems to be hooked.  I turned a multi axis twisted lidded box in Walnut while he watched and asked questions. 

I'm sure Jeff will be back.

1 comment:

  1. Jason,
    Thanks again for letting me check out your shop. I am excited to try some of the techniques that you showed me and begin using the jam chuck. My wife loves the twisted box.