Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 118: Jacaranda (III)

Another piece of Jacaranda today.  I needed a break from work so I did this on my lunch break today.  It's about 7" tall and 4" diameter.  The neck was parted off.  The basic outside shape of the body was established and hollowed to about 1/4" thick, the neck was then attached and then the outside shape was finalized.  There is a 3/8" hole through the middle of the neck so it can be used for dried flowers or something similar.

No sanding or finish on this one yet, it's still VERY green.  


  1. Nice work, I am not at that level of hollowing yet, just wondering if you think this might move once the drying process starts?

  2. Doug, It was turned fairly thin, 1/4" or so. It should dry fairly quickly and that should help prevent too much movement. I haven't worked with Jacaranda before so I'm not sure how stable it is.