Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 129: Christmas day

I started working on another hollow form tonight after all of the Christmas stuff was done and the kids were (supposed to be) in bed for the night.

This is Box Elder Burl and will have a natural edge around the opening and a large void on one side where there was a large bark pocket.  This should make it easier to hollow as I'll be able to see the wall thickness as I go.

The overall shape will change significantly as this progresses.  It should end up with a base no larger than 2" diameter.  At this point I have just started to establish the wall thickness at the opening and have drilled a 1 1/4" hole down to what should be the finished depth.  I'll work on hollowing it tomorrow.

Song of the night:
Radiohead, Wish You Were Here.
One of my favorite bands covering one of my favorite bands

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