Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phase II

Mounted between centers the outside profile was turned and the blank reversed do I could turn a tenon on the bottom. The blank was then gripped by the tenon and the spout opening was drilled and then refined. The blank was flipped again and a cone center used to drive the piece between centers again do most of the tenon can be removed.

The blank was then mounted between centers but in face grain orientation and 3/4" off center. This allowed me to turn away the rest of the tenon and form the feet. Next the blank was mounted on the true center, the back face shaped and a tenon cut. With the blank gripped with the chuck I had full access to the front face and to the inside.

The face was opened up and the inside was removed using my hollowing system. I still need to turn the plug for the front face, remove the tenon, turn a stopper, and drill some holes in the handles for a strap.

Bottom view showing the feet. This has been and will be completely turned with only 2 exceptions, the hole drilled for the spout opening and the holes to be drilled for the strap.

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