Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Super Bowl" Sunday

A few more bowls today.  This was the core that was left over from last night.  It was a struggle at times, each of the bowls lost a chunk at some point.  In each case the missing piece was found (not an easy task in all my clutter) and then glued back into place.  I'm not overly concerned with the fact that they were glued back into place, I was planning to fill in some of the voids and bark inclusions with epoxy and coffee grounds anyway.
I ended up with 5 pieces from this blank if you count the blank I cored off the bottom last night.  I also got 5 piece from the other half of the burl but only 1 of those was the full 17" diameter.
There's a ton of stuff going on in this piece, the largest of the set above.  There are several branches, some burl, some punk, some curl, and a bunch of bark inclusions.
After cleaning up 60 gallons of shavings I decided to tackle a couple of pens for a custom order.  I was supposed to have them done a couple of days ago but a number of things got in the way.  The top pen is a Cigar dressd in Bloodwood.  Nothing too fancy but I think it has a good look with the chrome hardware.  I had a minor problem with assembly but was able to get it corrected.  The bottom pen is a Baron wrapped in Oak Burl with crushed turquoise filling in some of the voids.  They'll be delivered to their new owner sometime this week.


  1. I like the coring of the bowls, looks a great way of saving wood.
    When you talk about whats going on in the timber you mention "some punk", this is a discription I've not come across before (unless it's in a Clint Eastwood film) what is it?

  2. Punk is advanced decay. The wood has decayed enough that it loses structural integrity. If it advances far enough the wood becomes soft and almost sponge like. It doesn't cut very well and can easily be picked apart or broken by hand. I'll see if I can post some close up photos.