Thursday, February 24, 2011

Potato chips

More madrone tonight.  I think I have 3 more pieces left. 

Tonight I wanted to make a series of small bowls.  I glued the blank to a waste blog and then turned and cored a series of bowls.  The inside of each bowl was turned and then the piece was cored to turn the bottom of the first bowl and give a rough shape to the inside of the next bowl.
The bowls were then each placed on my vacuum chuck so the outside could be finished and the bowl turned to a uniform thickness.  I ended up getting 6 bowls from the blank. 
I ran one sample through entire process, including the microwave, before coring and turning the rest of the blank.  The piece in this photo separate from the other was the prototype.  I neglected to take a picture of the other 5 bowls nested together.
All 6 bowls sent through the microwave for 90 seconds each.  I'll probably give them all another 90 seconds tomorrow morning.

Here is all 6 stacked together.  You can see just how much they warped.  I'm a little disappointed they didn't retain a bit more of the original bowl shape.  They don't really appear to have been turned at all, I think taking thin slices off on a bandsaw would result in a similar effect, be much simpler, and would result in many more pieces, 20 or 30 if done carefully.

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