Monday, February 28, 2011

Demo prep

2 weeks until my Prescott demo.  This one snuck up on me a bit with everything going on surrounding the DWR so I'm scrambling to get everything lined up and get my handout done.

I've chosen to do a demo on shop made jigs.  More specifically turning related jigs that you can make with stuff you probably already have laying around in your shop.  I'm planning to do 4 or 5 different jigs, 2 of which are similar to the jig at the left.  I call this a Mark St. Leger style compression jig.  A recess is turned on the face of the jig and a cut is made on the side so that as the jaws of the chuck are closed the wood will flex and compress and grip the piece to be turned.  In this case the recess has a slight concave shape to grip the outside of the ring and prevent it from coming out of the jig unexpectedly.

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