Thursday, February 10, 2011

Piece of pie

Longtime readers may remember my "Mesquite Pie"  Hard to believe it's been almost 18 months since I first made that piece.  I started on another one tonight, I might end up putting this one into the Instant Gallery depending on how it turns out. 

The wood ring is parted off the top of the bowl.  It's then trued up and sized down before the recess is cut in the top of the bowl.  A groove is turned into the ring for the lattice pieces to fit into and everything is smoothed and sanded.  I still have to finish sanding inside and out and turn the bottom.  The lattice pieces also need to cut and fitted. 

I also finished turning the Olive burl from the other night.  I still have to finish filling in the cracks on the inside as well as sand and finish.  I hoped toget this set done in time for the DWR but I'm now thinking that's not going to happen.

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