Monday, March 5, 2012

Everything old is new again

Most of the hollowing is now complete.  The majority of the wood has been removed from the inside, just a little more to go.  The wood is Box Elder Burl from Idaho.  I went back home on vacation this summer and took some wood with me (Mesquite, Olive, African Sumac, Desert Ironwood) intending to trade.  This was one of the pieces I traded for and brought back with me.  I rough turned the outside of the blank all the way back in July (
 I resumed working on it about 2 weeks ago ( and tonight put it back on the lathe to continue the process.  The are around the opening ended up being larger than I intended but I'm still very happy with it so far.
I intend this shape to be a little different than what I've been doing lately.  I plan to have it more rounded, almost spherical, on the bottom.  I may end up giving it a round bottom.  That will require a base for it to sit in.  This piece actually reminds me of one I did a little over 2 years ago:

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