Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pop quiz

What is it?

Another view.

The answer. Yes, I have dust collection plumbed to my bandsaw. There are (2) 4" ports, one in the upper right just below the table; the other in the lower right behind all the blockage. But - I hardly ever (ok, never) have it running while I'm cutting. Based on what I found tonight I probably need to start using it.

I also opted to empty the bag on my dust collector. It was much fuller than I expected it to be. I normally only empty it about once a year and it's usually only about half full. I can usually get away with emptying it infrequently because I use a trash can lid that separates the heavier material out meaning that only a very small portion of the dust ends up in the bag. The vast majority ends up in a 35 gallon metal trash can which is much easier to empty.

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