Friday, September 16, 2011

Before & After

The President's Challenge for Saturday is Before & After. The piece on the right was my starting piece.

This is the other half of the log I'll be taking as my 'before' sample. I chose to strip off the bark To better show the actual shape of the wood underneath. There's more bug damage on this half but that only serves to makes things more interesting.

Above is the finished piece. Eventually I'll probably add a few more coats of oil to bring it up to more of a semi gloss finish but for now I'm out of time.

Alternative view with natural void on the side. This void was actually a huge help as it allowed me to better see and feel the wall thickness on the hardest to get to part.

Profile view. I also oiled the inside of the piece and the oil is leaching from the inside to the outside through some of the cracks, making them slightly darker.

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