Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Putting the pieces back together

The hollowing was completed tonight and then all the pieces (6 in total) were glued back in place. Somewhat ironically it was easier to hollow the piece the rest of the way because the opening was slightly larger and also slightly shorter.

The joints on the fix aren't as tight as I'd like but I don't think they'll be too bad once they're sanded smooth, the entire piece sanded, and the finish applied. Some of the other cracks will also need glued/filled and the tenon still needs removed.

I'm not certain how I'm going to remove the tenon. Vacuum chucking is out because of the large void pictured above. I'll probably end up jam chucking it. Either using a spindle sized to fit the opening and drive the piece from the inside bottom or use a partially hollowed bowl to drive the blank from the outside closer to the largest diameter.

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