Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birdhouses III

 More work on the birdhouses, this time the roofs.  I chucked up a piece of Russian Olive and turned the outside shape.  The layers are meant to give it the look of layered wooden shingles.

The roof is then flipped over and vacuum chucked so I can turn a recess for the body and remove the majority of the bulk.  I can take it on and off the vacuum chuck to check the thickness and weight and get it centered reasonably well.  Last a hole is drilled in the center for the wire loop that is used to hang them up.

Still some more work to do; sanding, finishing, mounting a perch, burning the lines on the roof, and texturing the roof with a wire brush so the shingles appear more realistic and aged.
Top view with the hole drilled in the center for the hanger.  The 2 on the right are Russian Olive, the 1 on the left is Acacia.

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