Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birdhouses II

More work on the birdhouses tonight.  The bodies are basically done except for some additional sanding and the finishing.  The 2 on the outside (Aspen on the left and Ornamental Yew on the right) are very lightweight.  The Pecan in the center is quite a bit heavier as the wood is much denser and with all the cracks at the bottom I didn't want to go too thin.
Next up are the roofs.  I'm planning to do them the same as the one I did back on March 3rd.  (  I'm not certain what woods will be used.  I have some Walnut burl but I don't think I want to waste it on these.  I'm thinking maybe some Shoestring Acacia.  I think I still have quite a bit and the color should be about right and I think it's just soft enough to texture well.

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