Friday, October 26, 2012

Take 2

My second (and final) attempt at this ornament. This one is significantly smaller, thinner, and lighter. I reused the same cap and finial. This time the body is Madrone burl. The cap and finial are still Ziricote. I think the color of the Madrone works well with the Ziricote.

One of the cool things about this technique is that the top and bottom curves are both triangular but they're offset by 180 degrees. This is due to the shape and orientation of the blank, it's all turning, no cutting, no carving, all one piece.

I did a sequence of photos showing the technique. Here's one from late in the process, have you figured it out yet?

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  1. Is this a six sided blank that you turn off center? Nice design!

  2. Very very close. It is six sided but possibly not like you're thinking (What shape would give six sides?) I also wouldn't say it's turned "off center" but I guess that depends on your definition of off center..