Friday, October 19, 2012


It's October, that means it's time for the Sunnyslope Art Walk. A 4 hour show held each on a Saturday evening each April and October. I've done this show 8 or 9 times now and have started to develop a few repeat customers. Turnout was good but sales were a bit slow. Still well worth it.

Maple burl hollow form. All of theses forms have been hollowed through the bottom and the plugged. The hole in the top is a illusion. Large enough to have the appearance that the hollowing was done from the top, but also small enough for people to be impressed. This one is basically flat across the top, not something I usually do.

Bottom view.

Figured Myrtle. This one has a top that curves slightly inward, requiring a slightly different approach when hollowing.

Bottom view.

Last one, red striped Box Elder. This has a more typical shape, curving up slightly at the top around the opening.

Alternate view.
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