Monday, June 18, 2012

Next project

I think I found my next project. This is the useable portion of an Olive stump I got a couple weeks ago. I cut off the cracked portions and all of the various protrusions that Olive trees tend to get around the base. I plan to do a fairly large hollow form and expect 1 or 2 significant voids to remain.

This is an extreme example, but this type of growth is typical for Olive trees. It's uncommon to find one with a round or even oblong trunk; unlike most other trees.

Rough cut this piece is 11" diameter and 6" thick. If everything goes well I expect it to finish up about 10" x 5". Its about half dry, the stump was cut about 6 months ago and had been setting outside since. There would have been more useable wood but there was a deep chainsaw cut in the other half of the stump. With the other half being cut it only yielded a blank roughly 6" diameter and 4" thick.

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