Friday, December 2, 2011

Ash spline box

Tonight was my first night back in the shop for quite a while. I've spent some time out there recently but mostly cleaning and organizing (not that you can tell).

This is a small semi spherical box I turned tonight out of some Ash. It's turned side grain rather than end grain so I can use the grain lines to help hide the joint. The joint also isn't straight as it was cut to match the contour of the grain.

This requires a completely different joint as it's not possible to turn the usual tenon and recess on the curved surfaces. Instead I have to turn 2 recesses and join them with a spline. I chose to use another piece of the same wood, a contrasting wood could also be used.

The outside was then textured with a wire brush to further hide the joint line in the grain lines. If I had a sandblaster I'd use it to do the texturing as I believe it would be more uniform and I think I could go deeper into the softer grain.

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