Friday, March 18, 2011

Demo prep

More demo prep tonight.  I'm doing a shop made jigs at demo, the same basic demo I did this past weekend at the Prescott Area Woodturners.  Depending on time I may do this jig, even though it's not on my handout.

The jig is simply some scrap wood.  2 tenons have been turned on one end, one on the center axis and another with the opposite end offset by about 3/16".  A 1/2" diameter hole is drilled through the center axis of the jig.  A tenon slightly larger than 1/2" diameter is turned on the finial blank.  The blank is driven into the jig using the tailstock.  The jig is then moved into the off-center axis and the end of the blank is turned (everything to the right of the sharp transition in this photo).

The jig is then moved to the center axis and the bottom of the finial is turned.  Once complete the finial can be cut free or a knockout rod can be used to remove the blank from the jig.

I also started my demo prep for Tucson on April 9th.  I'll be doing my multi axis demo with the main portion of the demo one of my multi-axis twisted lidded boxes.  This will be my 3rd demo in 5 weeks.

In order to save time I turn the inside of the box to completion.  Up to this point I follow pretty standard box making techniques (with the possible exception of leaving the blank square).  Tenons are turned on each end and then the blank is cut in half.  I leave the blank square to make this cut easier and safer and because the triangular cross section of the finished box can be larger than the largest possible cylinder.

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