Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woodcraft Woodworking Expo 2011

Yesterday was the 2011 Woodcraft Woodworking Expo at the Woodcraft in Phoenix (Chandler).  Our club had a booth where we demonstrated the basics of woodturning and got people interested in our club and our upcoming symposium.  They also had woodworking contests featuring 4 different categories; woodturning, woodcarving, furniture, and mixed media.

I entered 2 pieces in the woodturning category, this burned trio and the piece below.

This was my second entry.  A bug eaten and spalted Palo Verde hollow form.  The judges were David J Marks ( and Marc Spagnuolo (  They ended up selecting this piece as second place in the woodturning category.

My prize is a new Supernova 2 scroll chuck. This is my 4th chuck, all Supernova 2s.

The demonstrations went well.  I turned 5 bowls (2 natural edge and 3 normal), a small hollow form, and a small 3 axis twisted piece.  There were 2 other club members there for most of the day, one turned a small lidded box and a couple of small weed pots.  The other turned a small mallet.  A very good day with near perfect weather.

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