Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back on the horse

The last time I did any turning was Saturday October 23rd.  I know this because it was the date of my Flagstaff demonstration and I never unpacked my tools.  They were still sitting in a 5 gallon bucket just inside my door when I opened it this morning.

The piece on the right is a multi axis box from my Prescott demo earlier this year.  I spent last weekend doing the burning on the outside inbetween sales at the art tour. 

The piece on the right was from my Flagstaff demo.  It had a problem during the demonstration that prevented me from doing as much as I had planned.  Today I decided to finish turning it and I'm leaning towards sending it back to them to do with as the wish; auction, raffle, or winter heating.

The burning on the first piece was more marketing than anything else.  Prospective clients could see me working on a piece and have a better understanding of the process, particularly with this design as it's all done freehand with almost no planning ahead.

I still have to finish and sign the Flagstaff demo piece.  Some readers may notice the photos are drastically improved.  We upgraded cell phones this week and the new one has adjustable focus and higher resolution.  A vast improvement.

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  1. Jason,
    I've finally caught up with your posts, having started at the beginning approx. 2 weeks ago! The reduced rate of posts recently also helped, but please don't stop!