Monday, May 21, 2012

Quick update

Quick update and some stuff not even remotely related to woodturning.

The shop is still clean, probably because I haven't been out there for more than 20 minutes over the past couple weeks.

I received word last week that the newspaper article has been delayed until June 2nd. I'll post a copy once it's printed.
Yesterday we made a day trip up to Page AZ to view the eclipse. It's a 600+ mile round trip from our home to the viewing location we chose. We chose that location because of the scenic beauty and because it was so near the center line of the eclipse path.

The crowd at the cliff edge waiting for the eclipse. I estimate there were close to a thousand people there, half down by the cliff edge and the other half up on top of a hill behind us. I've been to this location a half dozen times and have never seen any more than 10 or 20 people at this location, I've even been alone here a couple times. Many people drive right by not knowing what lies less than a mile from the highway.

We brought the kids with us, explaining g how rare this event is, it's likely the only time in their lives they'll see this event. While waiting for the eclipse to progress we caught our daughter climbing on the rocks. I tried to get a casual photo but I was spotted and she decided to strike a pose.

This was an Annular eclipse, this meant that from our chosen viewing location we would be treated to a ring of fire. The moon would pass directly in front of the sun but it was just far enough away from the earth that it would not block out the entire disk of the sun. Most people don't realize that the orbit of the moon varies by as much as 40,000 kilometers from apogee to perigee. If the moon was at perigee (the "super moon" that was in the news 2 weeks ago) it would have been a total eclipse.

A quick photo of a photo for Facebook purposes yesterday.

The main event. From second contact (the moon first passing completely in front of the sun) to third contact (the moon starting to move off of the sun) was just over 5 minutes. Total time elapsed from first contact to fourth contact was a little over 2 hours. Well worth a 10 hour round trip.

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