Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend work

In progress picture of a 17" Olive platter I roughed out on Friday night.  To start pieces like this I sometimes jam the blank against the jaws of my chuck.  This ensures that the top of the blank is relatively flat and I can easily adjust the position of the blank if it's off center or heavily out of balance. 

The blank is only held in place by pressure from the tailstock, it's driven just by friction.    The underside of the platter has been roughed out and the tenon has been formed.  I neglected to get any more in progress photos.  From this point the blank is turned around, gripped in a chuck, and the top side turned so the whole piece is a uniform thickness.

This piece will end up with a partial natural edge on both sides.  It's right at 17" now and will spend the better part of a year or more drying.

Saturday I spent several hours working.  First I had to sweep up all the shavings from this week.  Second I finished up 10 seam rippers for my wife's quilting groups.  Next I cut up some more of the Olive from earlier this week.  Last I roughed out some lidded boxes from the same Olive.  I convinced my daughter to try some turning.  I had control of the tools, she was holding on for dear life.  She's now certain that she doesn't want to be a woodturner when she grows up, she's currently got her heart set on being a Kindergarten teacher.

3 roughed out lidded boxes.  They're cut in half and hollowed to about 1/2" thickness.  All 3 were tossed in the same paper bag and placed on a shelf. 

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