Saturday, January 12, 2013

Challenge - bowls

Most months my club has a President’s Challenge. I assign the topic for the next month and then those that want to participate are encouraged to turn and bring in an item that fits that topic. We’re pretty lax in enforcing the rules so sometimes we get objects brought in that were turned months or even years prior, not specifically for this challenge.

I take the challenge part very seriously; I really try to challenge myself and do something I’ve never done before or do something in a different way. I often try to put my own “twist” on things - sometimes literally.

For January we’ve gone back to basics; the topic is “bowls”. We’ve done this topic once or twice in the past 4 years but its always a fun one. The piece I chose to make is a small piece of Quaking Aspen and chose to make it as thin and light as I could.

It’s 7” diameter and stands 2 1/4” tall and is about 3/32” thick. It’s bone dry but the light still passes through quite easily. I wanted the form to be as close to perfect as I could get it and I think I came pretty close to accomplishing that goal. It’s almost the perfect little bowl.

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  1. Thanks. The wood is very plain but I'm very happy with the form and the thickness (or thinness).