Monday, August 27, 2012

Work in progress

About 10 days ago I got ahold of a bunch of wood that I later identified as California Pepper.  I finally got a chance to do some turning yesterday and these 2 hollow forms are the result.  Both were turned green to finish, something I don't normally do.  I thought these might warp as I had some warping issues with some California Pepper I turned 5 or 6 years ago.  In this photo both pieces have been off the lathe for an hour or so and have been put through 3 microwave cycles (45 seconds on high each time).  They've been wetted to approximate how they'll look when finished.

This is how they look today after being left out to dry overnight.  Major warpage, slightly more than I expected but that's not really all that surprising.  Now I have another issue, I didn't do much sanding because the wood was still green.  Now that it's so severely warped I can't do very much sanding.  So I'm considering investing in some sandblasting equipment.  Anybody have any experience with sandblasting wood?

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  1. I'm surprised how much the finished product looks like African Sumac.